In addition to regular maintenance, Howard Aircraft is available for major repairs to both airframes and engines. We have years of experience in both metal and fabric aircraft repair and we regularly repair the most common Lycoming and Continental piston engines used on aircraft. We have a wide range of experience with most aircraft types, including tailwheel aircraft. Our work is guaranteed.


Howard Aircraft has become regionally famous for excellence in alterations to aircraft, particularly for installation of aerial photography cameras in single and light twin-engine aircraft. Such major alterations require FAA approval, of course, via an FAA Form 337 and on occasion, additional information. If there is an improvement you’d like to make with your aircraft, please give us a call to talk about it: 304-263-2231.

Interior installations

Aircraft manufacturers build their products to be both light and strong, but some parts eventually need replacement. Among those parts are aircraft interiors, whether the carpet on the cabin floor, seat fabric that has seen too many pilot posteriors or a complete interior job to replace everything worn, including the headliner and other plastic in Cessna aircraft that turns a ghastly yellow after several years. Howard Aircraft can make your aircraft interior new again.

IFR tests

Aircraft flown under Instrument Flight Rules are required by FAA rules to be tested every two years for proper operation of the aircraft pitot static system. Howard Aircraft has modern equipment allowing fast, accurate checks of pitot static instruments, including the airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator and any alternate air device for the pitot static system. Also, transponder and altitude encoder tests. Any pilot with his or her head in the clouds wants to know altitude, airspeed and Mode C information is correct, and Howard Aircraft can provide that assurance.

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