General Aviation maintenance

Howard Aircraft has well over 50 years of experience serving GA aircraft owners and pilots in the quad-state area of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. We are fully equipped to work on most piston-powered GA aircraft, and FAA certified to provide major repairs and installations for both airframes and engines. Both Calvin and I hold FAA Inspection Authorizations in addition to our A&P certificates. Once we work on a customerís airplane, that customer stays with us.

Annual/100 hour inspections

We regularly conduct FAA-required inspections for our customerís aircraft, either annual or 100-hour inspections. The typical cost for 100 hour or annual inspections on various aircraft types are shown on this web siteís front page. If your aircraftís inspection is its first at our shop, plan on an extra two or three hours for going through the logbooks and checking for ADs or other requirements that might have been previously missed. If youíd like to minimize the cost of your annual, take a look at this article.

Light sport aircraft

The new FAA Light Sport Aircraft category allows any pilot to fly using his or her driverís license as proof of medical fitness, rather than requiring the traditional FAA medical exam. The number of light sport aircraft is burgeoning, with well over 80 different Light Sport models available. Despite their ease of use and flexibility, Light Sport aircraft still need maintenance, and Howard Aircraft has the knowledge and equipment to do that maintenance. Just recently, we received certification as Rotax engine service providers. Like to know more? Call us: 304-263-2231.

Rotax engines

Many Light Sport aircraft engines are made by Rotax, an Austrian engine manufacturer that produces both the popular 912 and 914 series engines. Just last year, both engines had their Time Before Overhaul (TBO) increased from 1200 and 1500 hours respectively to a full 2,000 hours, lowering the cost and aggravation of flying Light Sport aircraft. Howard Aircraft has received special certification for repairing and maintaining Rotax engines.

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